Los Angeles, California, US

Danny's Skills
Product Management

About Danny

Think of Liederboard as an online game where a user wins by writing the best music. Musicians write sheet music, for free, as easily as you type a submission into Reddit, and then that piece is judged by other users. A natural "leaderboard" of songs emerges, serving as a historical record of the best music creations from any given time since the launch of our service -- all crowdsourced by the internet-connected musicians in the world.

I want fellow musicians -- or people insanely enthusiastic about music and music quality -- to join me. Here's what's on my plate.

1. Front-End: "InNotation", our music composition engine.
You will work on the HTML5 (Javascript) engine that allows musicians to write sheet music as easily as they'd learn Angry Birds. When users say we're better than Sibelius and Finale, we will have completed the bare minimum.

2. The Database
You will maintain the database on which musicians all over the globe will save their prized works. Exact technologies are being selected and iterated on at this time.

3. The Middle Layer
You will write and update the API and logic that takes melodies from InNotation and stores them cleanly into The Database. Exact technologies are being selected and iterated on at this time.

X. Advisors/Investors
You think you know how I can do this better than me. You're a lawyer, an accountant, or investor that is excited about the possibilities for all these music pieces online -- and you're thinking "he probably doesn't know about that pitfall.". Show me you can put your money where your mouth is, get in touch. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dannyfavela/liederboard-a-digital-music-composition-notebook