Dane Madsen

Seattle, Washington, US

Organizational and Operational Strategy Consultant
Dane's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Dane

• I have founded new businesses in a space with overwhelmingly dominant incumbent players and beat them at their game for a fraction of the cost and became the model at key industry association conferences that yes, it could be done.
• I evolved a consumer hardware business to software and content when the old model did not work though unique relationships and determination to develop partnerships locally and globally.
• I challenged a centuries old process in physical sciences to think different about how they have managed crucial resources, and changed the way they have thought about it forever while forging significant relationships in the USA and China.


“When you start to take the warrior’s journey, you are going to find that it’s often extremely inconvenient.” - Pema Chodron

Work Experience

Chief Operating Officer

Comivo, Inc.

November 2016 - May 2017

Intelligent Marketplace for industrial chemicals

Co-Founder, CEO

Blue Earth Labs

February 2010 - February 2016

Water chemistry research & development company creating patented and proprietary formulated and electro-chemistry to clean and maintain fresh, process, and industrial cooling water infrastructure on three continents.


Dane Madsen Strategy Consulting

January 2005 - Today

All executive aspects of structuring, funding, and driving cross-functional operations required to drive sales and revenue. Deep understanding of execution planning from startup stage to later stage including developing corporate strategies (governance, IP, legal, go to market, product development, marketing), business development, sales and marketing execution from branding, Internet marketing, local business targeting, and social media, to market analysis, presentations, and sales forecasting.

Co-Founder, CEO, Chairman

YellowPages.com, Inc

April 1996 - December 2004

Pre-eminent local business directory and marketplace. CEO from concept to sale. Developed all relevant corporate strategies including sales & marketing, and go to market; raised capital, reacquired controlling interest post-interactive space crash, rebuilt company to sale to by AT&T 12/2004.