Craig McDaniel

New Orleans, Louisiana, US

Technical co-founder and software engineer. Curious person who probably asks too many questions!
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About Craig

My technical background is a full stack software developer. I'm actually full stack. However, I lean heavily towards backend and devops. I feel most comfortable on a Linux box with a terminal. I was just starting out when the first wave of the commercialized Internet just started to happen in the mid to late 90s, so my introduction into programming was shaped by that. I discovered QBASIC.EXE on DOS 6.22 and wrote my first program ever. At some point, I installed Slackware Linux from floppy disks, discovered IRC. Those were the glory days :)

I especially enjoy SQL and data modelling and solving interesting engineering problems. A business is not unlike an engineering problem, except there seems to be more guessing and intuition involved. Like I previously mentioned, I'm really after high level architecture and design work these days. I want to bring in a team as soon as possible.

My leadership skills are probably not as honed in, but I enjoy managing small teams of developers and designers. I've been involved with small companies under 10-20 people.

Personally, I'm enamoured with vintage computers and old Unix systems. I like fitness, cycling, and other weird stuff like aquaculture and hydroponics. I have a bus that we turned into an RV that has a mobile office!