Corey Wright

Corvallis, Oregon, US

Changing the world, one hour at a time!
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About Corey

I have an educational background in chemistry and pre-medicine, and research experience in organic, physical, and nuclear chemistry. I have several years of experience in technology transfer, process scale up, CMO management, and technical writing at a biotech company. I love to travel, and have visited nearly 30 countries so far.

I'm currently the founder of a company called Massif Games, a board game publishing company that make innovative 3D board games, as well as other products for the gaming industry. Massif Games is also a B-Corp, dedicated to wilderness preservation and ending human trafficking.


May not an ass know when the cart draws the horse? Whoop, Jug, I love thee! - Shakespeare

Work Experience

Chemistry Associate II

Sarepta Therapeutics

July 2012 - July 2015

• Supported the CMC Regulatory Department by writing technical summary reports and assisting in the writing of NDA's, IND's, and IMPD's being submitted to the FDA and EMA. • Oversaw and managed technology transfers and cGMP chemical process scale-ups domestically and internationally (Europe). • Worked as a liaison between Sarepta and Oregon State University mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance groups. • Developed Microsoft SharePoint work-spaces, implementing project management and database management tools. • Performed process optimization and troubleshooting for cGMP small molecule production. • Synthesized novel molecules and impurities related to morpholino based chemistry. • Managed inventory and production of critical impurities and reference standards.

Founder and CEO

Massif Games

July 2015 - Today

I do everything.


Oregon State University

B.S. in Advanced Chemistry and Pre-Medicine

2008 - 2012