Corey Richard

Andover, Massachusetts, US

Corey's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Corey

I work with two other guys (a marketer & a programmer). We're looking for a second programmer who's an iOS mobile app hacker who wants to build the next big thing. We’ve designed and prototyped an app, but we need a fourth teammate who can bring our company to the next level.

We’re looking for a developer who is exceptional at front-end iOS development (back-end experience a plus!). He/she should be energetic, collaborative, and passionate about creating disruptive products. If you’re actively earning or have earned a BS in computer science or a related degree that’s a bonus, but honestly, it’s no big deal as long you can program quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Equity compensation and/or $$$ is available to the right person. If you have a strong desire to work on something consumer-facing, with wide market potential, and are hungry to join an early-stage startup where you can make a huge difference, please get in touch.