Corey Harris

Durham, North Carolina, US

Corey's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Corey

I am really interested using eCommerce, mCommerce, and social to make everyday tasks easier. The current flavor of this that I am pursing is in the intersection of retail and eCommerce and addressing typical shopper pain points (e.g., finding the right fit / product, aggregating items from different sites and brands, universal carts and checkout). However, I am open to any cool ideas in the consumer products / apparel / eComm space, especially if there is a social impact component.

Recently, I have helped launch a new men's apparel brand online and opened the first retail store. I have also been entrepreneurial within my corporate roles - launching new product extensions, doing visioning and ideation for next generation fitness devices, launching international brands in markets like China and Mexico. While very strategic, I've also been incredibly operationally focused...executing roadmaps for feature / functionality launch, ideating product development, defining business processes, hiring talent, etc.

Some things are super important to me - trust, developing a shared vision, and being in the trenches together. Beyond these core values, I am looking for someone with wicked development skills as I've been told what I am trying to do is "challenging" from a development standpoint.