Corey Gorman

Boston, Massachusetts, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 1 startup

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Featured in WSJ, and Yahoo, is up and running and aims to disrupt job placement with a new business model. Quit simply It combines LinkedIn with E-Bay and aims to identify top talent in the time it take to order a cup of coffee and reward talent with bonuses up to 30% of their salary.

We're changing the way people find their next job, and our mission is to pool the most compelling advisors, founders and talent in one place to build a new growth sector across Job placement.

I spend the last year building the platform and have the 20 years in IT, Management and Strategy. however we need a complete management team. And with the solid management team we can crush the expansion we have planned.

All that said, I am aggressively seeking two key Co-Founders in the Sales/Recruiting or Social Marketing verticals to help raise 1.2 Million in funding and have soft commitments from angels for 500k of this raise.

If have the expertise, demand and will to grow something big. Contact me.

We are also hiring for non-founder positions.


Assumption University

Comp Sci, business

1997 - 1997