Corey Child

Melbourne, Australia

Founder and CEO - Searching for Tech Lead and Head of Sales for social commerce platform.
Corey's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

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About Corey

Founder of MODE, a social commerce platform for fashion. It allows users to upload their outfit and earn money via commission on sales, when someone purchases an item in their look.

Currently people use different platforms for finding fashion inspiration to those where they purchase clothes. MODE aims to solve this disconnect by combining inspiration and shopping on a sole platform.

We provide personalised fashion to the user, allow them to earn money directly through their outfits and provide brands with incremental sales and intricate data about their customers.

Looking for two roles to join existing founding team:
Technical founder (CTO or Tech Lead)
Head of Brand Partnerships and Sales

Currently have high-level advisors across tech, finance and ecommerce as well as active investors looking to fund when we're ready to raise capital in 3-6 months.

If you're interested to hear more please get in contact below,


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