Corey Baines

Sydney, Australia

Determined, ambitious and eager to learn
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Growing up in rural Australia, I had little access to technology and only basic access to the internet. My love for technology however became a core part of my life when i was give my first Apple computer (the original Mac). Instantly it sparked an eagerness to learn and a passion for technology which has stayed strong throughout my life. I have been studying and freelancing as a Full Stack iOS engineer since 2015 gaining my certification from Udacity for the iOS Developers NanoDegree at the end of 2016. But i continue to study strong everyday to stay a step ahead in this every changing industry.

In saying this there have been one draw back for myself, a critical element of my education which has and will continue to impact my professional career. I never excelled in a traditional university environment, non-flexible time schedules, difficult online tools with little collaboration, and it was never focused on the areas I was interested in. Conversely online alternatives like Udacity while being very flexible don't offer collaborative or live content, outstanding mobile apps and most importantly a final qualification or in some cases a portfolio/certification at the end.

It was out of this Ulumni was born. Born out of the ashes of the classic universities and breathing fresh air into the new online alternatives, Ulumni is designed to be a mobile first, collaborative online university working when both state and business to provide a global solution for a future educated workforce.


Think Different - Apple

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Business Sales Representitive


August 2014 - Today

Mobile Support Lead

Telstra Digital

November 2015 - March 2016

Full Stack IOS and NodeJS Freelancer


March 2016 - Today


Open University

Bachelor of business and Information Technology

2013 - 2013


iOS Developers NanoDegree

2016 - 2016


iOS Developer Swift and Objective-C

2014 - 2015


Full Stack NodeJS Developer

2016 - 2017


iOS Developers NanoDegree


Co-working Space

Tank Stream Labs - Sydney

2017 - Today