Chuck Knerr


Medford, Oregon, US

Chuck's Skills
Business Development

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Chuck

SaaS Startup led by two experienced cofounders, Dave Strigler, leads operations and product management, while Chuck Knerr is marketing and domain experience.

Say-So Video is a video marketing platform for highly considered products that involve a trusted relationship for sales and/or maintenance. We enable a business to integrate the voice of the customer into their marketing to help shoppers learn, consider and decide. Our first vertical is automotive retail. We are currently implementing with stores that pay a monthly subscription fee.

We'd like to find a talented designer and developer to help us build a social/mobile video platform. We're most interested in who you are as a learner, problem solver, thinker and team member. Looking for experience with AngularJS and Objective C. Join us to help achieve our robust product roadmap.