Christos Savva (ACA, MSc, AMIMA)

Nicosia, Cyprus

Christos's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Christos

Hi, I have a variety of backgrounds and qualifications. I started with a degree in Maths then did a Masters in Accounting & Finance. I worked for Deloitte for 5 years as an external auditor for 3 and a consultant for 2. Over the past couple of years I have become a self-taught FileMaker Developer. I cannot truly call myself either a Mathematician or an Accountant or a Developer...I am all of that. I do recognised thought that my strength is mainly my financial and business background and for this "world" let's say, I am pretty tech oriented.

I have all the skills to start and run a business and to grow it up. I cannot however cope with the technical stuff to the level necessary to bring a startup to life but obviously I could pitch in. Design skills I have very little unfortunately. I live and work in Cyprus though I am open to a remote arrangement with someone. I am used to working in a high end professional environment and I can get things done. I bring them same to my existing clients were I have 100% client satisfaction. In all cases both at Deloitte and with my clients I have far exceeded their expectations every single time.

I am looking for another player(s) to fill in my technical computing gap and the design gap as well. Looking forward in hearing from anyone.


Chartered Accountant

Certified Project Management Analyst