Christopher Tiller

Edmonton, Canada

Christopher's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Christopher

Hello Everyone,

I have spent 3 years servicing a niche market during which time I was research and developing a solution that is 5X faster than traditional methods, and reverse engineered the service to make use of Artificial Intelligence when I had grew to the point of affording it.

Now I am close to the point of launching the service, however I fully intend on moving well beyond the initial niche market once my staff are trained in the new technology. I can make money within the first 3 months since I have a prior client base of over a 100 companies that are now familiar with my capabilities and proven track record of ROI.

The service is B2B and, indefinitely scale-able across industries and borders, so upon launch I want to have someone or people on my team who can help facilitate healthy rapid expansion.

What I am looking For:
Advisor & Investor, who has experience with at least 2 B2B startups in one of the following arenas; SAAS, AI &/or Machine Learning.
High profile experience in one of the following; Recruiting Industry, Automotive Industry, SAAS, AI, &/or Machine Learning

Christopher Tiller