Christina Tseng

Santa Barbara, California, US

Product Marketing, Management Consultant
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Business Development
Product Management

About Christina

I have been in (mostly) the Enterprise Application for 15+ years holding varieties of positions: consultant, project manager, product manager, product marketing and management consultant.

At my last job at Gold Crest (MightyBright), I managed the company operations and designed a few LED lights.

I have 2 sons: 9 and 2. You can read up my LinkedIn profile for my "accomplishments", it is more important to point out that I face many challenges as a mom (not unlike others), and I only spent ~3 years coding in Siebel and SAP - working with an engineering team to build product or implementing packaged software is very different from building a start up application from scratch. Hence the need of technology help. On the motherhood front, well, I think there is HUGE opportunity to use technology to solve part of the motherhood problem. I believe my experience gave me an unique understanding to ease this problem, and I hope to find a like-minded person with strong technical skill to journey with me.

It is hard to explain parenthood, but if you have kids you will understand where I am coming from. This is a huge market with little competition, and the technology is ripe for the disruptive (yet collaborative) change.

Work Experience


Independent Consulting

September 2013 - December 2016