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New York, New York, US

Technical cofounder looking for cofounder
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About Chris

Prior to being the first hire at Teachable and then employee 15 at Simon Data, I was an engineering consultant and interim-CTO for a few seed-stage companies. I can build a high quality product quickly and I have experience with hiring, interviewing, and building out an initial codebase. I'm great at building high-quality stuff and I have an eye for design but I also value scrappiness and I think of myself as a hacker or maker. I hate jargon.

If you are coming to me with an idea, please tell me about the idea via Cofounderslab chat before suggesting a call. If we think we're a potentially good match, then we can get on a call later.

I am looking for:
- A cofounder who is in the idea stage or very early product development.
- Someone that is more than just an idea person or sales person, but who also wants to participate in building something with me. I like people that aren't afraid to learn how to code or learn a new skill even if they recognize that they might not be good at it.
- Someone who will split equity 50/50 (or 33/33/33 if there's multiple partners) and then adjust based on investment and time contribution. If you are already so far along that you are offering less than 25%, I'm not sure how interested I'll be. I find the Slicing Pie model interesting although I'm undecided on whether I prefer it over traditional splits or not.
- Someone who is either in NYC or ok with working remotely.

Topics that I am interested in:
- AI/ML, Data science, data engineering
- Legal + accounting
- Biotech, bioengineering
- Logistics, shipping, warehousing, supply-chain
- Journalism, free speech, open data
- Urban planning, real estate, development, construction

Topics that I'm less likely to be interested in:
- Social media
- Mobile apps
- Finance
- Media
- Fitness
- Sports

Fun facts:
- I'm sort of obsessed with Sim City
- I'm super into outdoors-y stuff


The hard part about software is knowing what NOT to build. - Every good software engineer, ever :)

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer

Simon Data

September 2017 - October 2018

I was an early hire (employee ~20). I rebuilt one of the core products' frontend (customer segmentation) from scratch as an SPA, worked on the internal backend DSL for customer segmentation, pushed for reusable, isolated environments with Docker Compose, implemented customer subdomains, improved the deploy process to allow parallel deploys of different environments, served many on-call shifts, and worked in-depth on the campaigns product. Our stack was Python, Django, React, Redux, Node, Redshift/Postgres, RDS/MySQL.



February 2016 - September 2017

I co-founded a company with the intent of making clinical trials financially feasible for non-patentable drugs, techniques, and devices.

Lead Frontend Engineer


June 2014 - February 2016

I was the first hire. I built the frontend of the core product and set up CI/automated end-to-end testing. I've written a few popular blog posts about how we set up the automated testing and why it was an especially elegant solution. We used Gulp, Angular, and Ruby/Rails. I helped the team grow from 1-20 employees and was an active part of the interviewing and hiring process. Teachable is now used by thousands of schools and generates millions in revenue. The platform allows teachers to upload lectures, create online courses, and accept payments.

Founder, Engineering Consultant / Interim-CTO

Imaginary, LLC

August 2011 - January 2014

I did a combination of consulting and contract engineering for upcoming companies. In each case, I traveled to wherever the company was based. I was the principal engineer for Walk [Your City], bringing the product from idea to production. I consulted for an agriculture startup in Vancouver, BC and lead a team of 4 engineers. I was the lead engineer for a seed-stage company of 10 employees in Boulder, CO. I contributed to SequelizeJS (An ORM for Node.js). I built a realtime messaging app for a client in Berlin, Germany. I primarily used Node.js (Javascript) but also did some work with Rails (Ruby), Django (Python), and Dropwizard (Java). I used Postgres + Redis as my favored database solutions but also used Cassanada, Titan Graph Database, and Mongo.

Web Application Developer

North Carolina State University - Office of Information Technology

September 2009 - August 2011




Co-working Space

HQ Raleigh

2018 - 2018