Chris Heuer

San Francisco, California, US

Futurist, serial entrepreneur and change agent
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Product Management
Business Development

About Chris

Looking to be a part of an amazing team who is bringing the future to our present day reality contributing my unique gifts of imagineering, story telling and relationship development.

For more then 20 years I have seen the future and endeavoured to make in a reality with the intention of bettering society and ensuring that my ideas/inventions were able to maximize the creation of shared value. For a long time I called my7 unique approach Holistic Business Strategy because there was no language to easily/widely explain my unique perspective. To think of the whole of the business and its value generating potential. This is now reflected in the work around shared value, customer experience design and employee branding among other areas of management thinking.

At the moment I am passionate about the cambrian explosion of technological advancements and their tremendous potential for cross integrating them in ways that are filled with surprise and able to deliver exponential value. (like voice based chatbot's that listen to meetings in virtual reality collaboration rooms to suggest new participants who worked on a similar problem that was just discussed with your colleagues in that meeting to more quickly advance projects and prevent unnecessary conflict + wasted efforts).

Without knowing the language of coding, my entrepreneurial passion drove be to become the product manager, UX designer and architect on several large applications including: a consumer media site with a custom user review design, an enterprise content management system for marketing the Palm Economy, a global professional association membership site, a new form of enterprise collaboration + performance management and a community collaboration tool.

I've been an advisor to dozens of startups and my insights have been the foundations of dozens more.

I've also been a founder of 5 digital agencies providing product, marketing and communications consulting to businesses young and old, big and small.

At Deloitte I not only worked on client projects in multiple industries and across multiple functional areas as a true holistic strategist, but I also worked with our internal groups to reshape how the organization was using social media internally for collaboration as well as externally for recruiting and marketing/engagement. While at Deloitte I was responsible for user adoption, communications, marketing and training of our Yammer launch, hosting a global YamJam that ultimately made us one of the most successful launches Yammer had with a client. Working with the American Heart Association on their social media strategy and then a broader digital transformation strategy, I had a chance to more fully develop models and frameworks for enabling large corporations to manage engagement at scale, publishing in the CIO Journal (by WSJ) my theory for The Engagement Curve. (See Linkedin for links)

Work Experience

Consulting Catalyst, Founder


March 2013 - December 2016