Chris Cotter


Sandwich, Massachusetts, US

Creator of the world's first "mnemonic entertainment" system
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Branding & Identity
Art Direction

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About Chris

Chris is an award winning writer and designer and the current CEO of "GLU" (Global Learning Universe) a venture that is building the world's first "mnemonic entertainment" network.

In partnership with alumni from SNL and Comedy Central, the GLU team is creating a mnemonic entertainment system to meet the language learning needs of an audience of over 4 billion. GLU's first product, "The Mandarin Show" let's users self-teach Mandarin Chinese through GLU's exclusive mnemonic entertainment process. See more at:

The GLU team is a vibrant group of technical, creative and business talent who share a common vision to create the world's first mnemonic entertainment system. We welcome discussions with additional potential partners as we continue to reach new milestones.


"Woe is me. Woe is me! Woe is me! " - (Shakespeare.) - No, seriously... "wo" is "me." No, I mean literally: "Wo" is how you say "me" in Mandarin Chinese.