Chavous Camp

Columbia, South Carolina, US

Chavous's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Chavous

I am a serial entrepreneur who has been working on businesses since about 10 years old.

I got my start in technology by learning Apple Basic (don't hold that against me - I didn't choose the language) at age 6.

I've run two technology companies so far. One beginning success, one in which I made every mistake I could and learned from them.

I have an idea. Company is formed. Lawyers are working on the IP and corporate governance paperwork. I'm working on getting the IP on paper and documented. Provision patent to come.

I _NEED_ a co-founder to help me develop this - help shoot holes in what I'm doing to make it better. Someone who can bring their expertise, their insight, and their own biased viewpoint of business and technology to the table to help balance MY biased viewpoint of business and technology.

Interested? Talk to me.