Chaminda Wijetilleke

Washington, District of Columbia, US

COO at EquityEats
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About Chaminda

I have been in a variety of roles throughout my career (Product, Strategy, BD and VC), but what has always been the most compelling was the ability to build something. I have had that opportunity on a couple of occasions and they were the most interesting and rewarding for me. Of particular significance was: 1) developing and leading the launch of AOL India 2) Co-Founding an effort to build a Pediatric Ward in Sri Lanka after the Tsunami 3) Moving to India and being a VC--I know I wasnt building, but I was able to get operationally involved with our portfolio and now 4 ) Co-founding a social media site focused on bands make more money---forgive the ambiguity we are in Stealth Mode.

Work Experience



December 2014 - December 2016