Cameron Halter

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Cameron's Skills
Product Management

About Cameron

I would consider myself as a great Network Administrator and businessman. I constantly look for the "next big thing" and explore ways to use it to my advantage. I have worked with several small start-ups in the Atlanta area. My latest has been with WaterWorks Group, LLC. Another has been with CGWhat Studios. A small, online based, web studio that offered 3D modeling and animation services.

Currently, I am working on a personal start-up that involves Bitcoin. I am constantly looking for people willing to contribute to the project to get the ball rolling. If you are an experienced Node.JS/REST developer and have a deep interest in Bitcoin - I am looking for you! The project involves the development of a core banking platform, as well as, a debit card that allows users to make bitcoin transactions. This gives users a higher level of security and usability. Merchants will now be able to charge for monthly fees and wallets will be securer than ever.

So, if you are interested in bitcoin and the project itself - Feel free to contact me! I will be glad to share with you the minor details. I am currently in the design/prototype phase.