Cameron Askew

San Francisco, California, US

Cameron's Skills
Product Management

About Cameron

Hi, I'm Cameron!

I'm a passionate software developer who loves to build new things. I like building enterprise products OK but my real passion is consumer products - something that can touch the masses.

Currently I'm traveling the world with my wife (who is also a developer). While we travel, we're building a mobile app which helps tennis players connect (this is a simplified description as the app is very feature rich and does so much more).

The app is getting close to completion from a pure feature level. However, it lacks a good design. And once it's close to completion in a few months, we'll be focusing heavily on marketing. So we are looking for somebody who has a good eye for design and can tie that in with the overall app experience - as well as create inspiring logos and icons.

It's not necessary but it would be a big plus if they were tennis fans and/or they had some passion or background in marketing.

Please contact me if this fits your bill so we can interview each other. Cheers!