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About Calvin

To get directly to the point, I am founding (with a team of studs in their respective fields) a mobile application, targeting the booming professional fitness and athletics industry, including all surrounding parts (dancers, models etc).
I am decently equipped within this industry, having worked for what was Extreme Fitness, and I know the industry and its consumer base from an inside and big picture perspective as I have been personally involved with many facets of athletics since winning provincial Reebok challenges as a kid, playing (and leading to a City Championship victory) quarterback in high school, to freelance personal training and a bit of muay thai.
I'm looking for a stand-out mobile programmer, with an authentic hunger like mine as I don't take any days off, never logging more than a maximum of a few minutes of not working. A programmer who once is presented with and is board with the project, will co-found this with my team and I, lead a funded tech team and, if all goes according, change the climate of industries mobile front.