Calvin Mann

Las Vegas, Nevada, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About Calvin

Hello entrepreneurs,

Ill start by introducing myself. My name is Calvin Mann and Ive been a resident of Las Vegas, NV for 6 years. I'm a C# .Net software developer of which I have a focus on desktop application development. Ive been developing for over 6 years and really enjoy the structure, creativity, and challenges that developing brings.

Ive had a passion for entrepreneurship ever since I graduated high school and realized the opportunities this world has to offer. I'm a dedicated and driven person and nothing excites me more than seeing personal growth and goals being obtained. I live for the excitement of the unknown and possibilities that can be accomplished by starting your own company.

I'm not uniquely qualified as an entrepreneur in any particular way but am just as qualified as anyone. I have personal experience in starting my own company and have acquired most of my knowledge through books, classes, and experience. Self education and experience have been my biggest and best teachers. I'm a Microsoft certified developer (MCSD), I have two certifications in entrepreneurial training courses, and an associates degree. Ive spent over 5 years working for the same company as a lead developer, training, and collaborating with other developers from around the world. I'm very familiar with a start up environment and the tools needed to run a successful software project.

I'm currently looking for someone who has similar credentials with an emphasis on development in c# and more specifically sqlite. I have already prototyped a lot of the code and have put together a plan for the product. This product will be sold as an API for other developers and focuses on rapid development and simplicity. Its a smaller scale project not projected to bring large profits but its an excellent opportunity to build, market, sell, and maintain a product that could lead into a suite of other development tools and/or opportunities.

Additionally, im always interested in bringing to the table technical skills and start-up skills that I have in partnership with another co-founder. I also have a bit of capital that I would be willing to use depending on the project and its needs. My goal is to eventually shift my expertise and focus completely into business development and less into software development.

I look forward to meeting new people! Thanks for your time!

- Calvin Mann