Calvin Ho

Palo Alto, California, US

Calvin's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Calvin

I am looking for a technical person and a UX designer. Especially interested in full stack developer and front end person. Preferably with 2-10 years of experience. My friend from business school and I are working a business idea. We would like to execute the project in a couple of months once the idea is finalized.

I come from biz background. Economics undergrad/ Consulting/ Biz school. Been working at a media startup the last couple of years. Looking to work on my own project some day. My partner is an engineer and comes from FB .

I am a social person. I play in a local soccer league. like to travel and meet people and share stories. I am excited about doing something that could empower people and make an impact.

The business idea is about recruiting and we are looking to build a marketplace and an online media presence.


UCLA Anderson School of Management


2013 - 2013

Brown University


2003 - 2003