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Glasgow, United Kingdom

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About Callum

Hello! I am a software developer and aspiring entrepreneur. My background combines technical, business, and legal expertise.

I have 5 years' flexi-time experience in the oil and gas industry developing and designing internal project management software for desktop and mobile. I also hold a Masters degree in Computer Science with distinction, a Law degree, and the Scottish legal practice diploma.

I am close to the completion of the beta for the Android client of an ambitious mobile service which aims to tie together consumers' digital worlds closer than ever, and to create new easy avenues for information sharing between consumers and/or between businesses. The alpha version formed the basis of my Masters project and was very well received.

The service has been designed with scale in mind, and as this is a service which works better as more people that you know use it and compliments everyday phone and internet usage, the company's goal is to get the client into the hands of every user of phones and the internet.

At the point of release, in order to facilitate spread, there will be both an Android version and iOS version. There will also be a website which will at minimum contain information, app links, an advertiser application form, and a basic level of interactivity with the service itself.

At this product development stage, I am looking for a fellow technical co-founder with dashes of business and design savvy. Ideally I'm looking for a Glasgow or Edinburgh based partner, but I'm no stranger to remote collaboration.

In terms of technical skills, an iOS developer is most essential at this stage. Other valuable skills include Android, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, web design, security techniques, and scalability techniques. If you have good technical experience, and don't know iOS but are willing to learn, then that would be fine.

This is pre-release and pre-investment, so I will be offering increasing amounts of equity for increasing contributions.


University of Strathclyde

MSC Computer Science

2013 - 2013

University of Aberdeen

Diploma in Legal Practice

2012 - 2012

University of Edinburgh

LLB Law with Honours

2011 - 2011

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