Calin Popescu

London, United Kingdom

Calin's Skills
Product Management

About Calin

I am the CEO & founder of EyeLoop and online payments security service that use face recognition to secure credit card transactions.
I am looking for an exeprienced CTO capable to help me fully develop and implement EyeLoop and put it to the highest level possible, london based. Seed Level
EYELOOP is the brainchild of Calin, a young creative innovator with solid background and experience in Computer Science, Biometrics, Communication, Cinematography and Media. His imaginative and visionary thinking is focused on developing innovative future products, technologies and user targeted solutions that echo worldwide. Calin holds a masters degree in Applied Imagination from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London .
'' We have to take our imagination further, to understand the new needs of humanity and apply our ideas efficiently for a better, safer and challenging global life...''