Brittany Williams

Plymouth, Minnesota, US

Founder and CEO of a startup company for dog owners and enthusiasts.
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About Brittany

I originally went to college for pre-vet, however I had to withdraw due to medical reasons. I absolutely love dogs and thought that would be a great first company direction for me since there is obviously a big enough market for it in the US, I would benefit from what my company does as well (I would be a customer), and it requires minimal start-up funds for the direction I'm starting out in. I believe I have some unique ideas that could give me an edge over competitors. I will start by focusing on e-mail funnels, affiliates, and free advertising. After I have a reasonable set up and capital I will run a blog followed by setting up my own eCommerce store and paid ads when the time is right. I plan on expanding into cats and other pets once I have a great repeatable business strategy. I hope that my first or first couple of business will make me enough money so I can pay my tuition in full to actually become a veterinarian (I've always wanted to be a vet) and to add more credibility to my business(es). I would like to have more non-animal related businesses down the line as well.

In our spare time my boyfriend and I are working on converting an ex-ambulance into a tiny home/RV. We try to plan for everything ahead of time so it does not take as long for us to do because thinking is free and more materials are not. For example, I made sure to give/have plenty of literal elbow room in regards to our sink and stove placement so we don't hit our funny bones on the walls and to make our RV/tiny home more livable in the long term.


I believe in possibilities until I have the facts, if there are any. - Brittany Williams