Brian Bateman

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US

20+ Years IT. Web since 1995. Expert.
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Business Development
Product Management
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Founded 2+ startups

About Brian

I see many startups spending a lot of their startup budget on website design, search engine optimization, search engine ads, social ads, newsletters, reservations systems, events, points rewards, point of sales, etc.

I would contribute all of the services that fall within my area of expertise as my investment into a business. First, we value the work I'll provide, then that cash amount becomes my investment in your business.


Overkill is Underrated - Brian Bateman

Work Experience

Everything to Everyone


January 2003 - Today

It's mostly been just me doing my thing for over 20 years to small businesses all over the US. The company has been called "The Technical Wizard", "Batcave Productions" and "Splinternet Marketing" but usually just me and maybe a handful of office helpers. I survived through the dot com bust around 1999 while thousands of places folded. I not only survived the Real Estate meltdown, but I helped business grow and employ more people during a time when jobs were being lost all over the country. As the guy that does everything, you can know that I must be good at achieving goals, accomplishing tasks and solving the inevitable problems. I'm frequently the only provider for my small business customers and have to have the answers for everything tech and web. I am particularly interested in restaurants, as I have developed an incredibly powerful solution for restaurants that will save each one at least $500 per month and provide much more than current solutions.