Bob Fields

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Bob's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Bob

WANTED - Brilliant technical founder that has a vision and knows how to build what they want, but knows enough to know they need help AND is humble enough to ask for it.

I am a passionate, well connected promoter and development professional with well rounded business acumen built through a career that spans working with businesses large and small. I am an active advisor and consultant primarily focused on the consumer technology/electronics industry which includes ongoing projects in the connected home, connected car and more. I am deeply interested in IoT, sensors, wearables and applications that can highly impact a person's life and is highly scalable (whether through direct sales or IP licensing). For if we can positively impact one person’s life, we can indeed change the world.

I am an active member and leader within the Consumer Technology Association (formerly CEA) which is the owner and producer of CES and the last two companies I brought to CES have received significant national media attention (USA Today, the Today Show, MSNC, MTV and much more) and have raised over $7MIL. My network includes people and companies that can help us engineer, build, distribute and potentially finance.

If your great with product and need help, give me a call. I’d love to hear about it and if I can help, great. If not, I am humble enough to let you know I can’t. Personally, I want to have fun, make an impact and leave a legacy. Lets talk.