Blake Caldwell

Venice, California, US

Blake's Skills
Product Management

About Blake

I am building a product that deals with interactive 3D graphics (augmented reality). Current development is over the web, but I also plan to deploy over mobile at some point, if not first. I am currently working on this project solo and have gotten to the stage where I need to bring someone else aboard who is just as passionate as I am. I am just about done with my first-stage prototype and am going to take it to the customers to really develop the business model. We are going to push an industry past its status quo, and I am looking for someone who can help push the vision forward.

My target co-founder is someone with business development skills who has experience building a startup before and after investment. I am also interested in anyone passionate about the idea who has skills in software engineering, animation design (e.g. for games), or network engineering.