bhuvan thaker

Bengaluru, India

Curiosity, Imagination, Appreciation
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Business Development
Product Management

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First time founder

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About bhuvan

Hi, You should reach out if you need help with Pitch Deck, Market Scoping, Understanding Basics of Branding and Marketing, Business Strategy, Advice on Go-To-Market, as we as want clarity or opinion on your plans, ideas, product and market.

I consider myself a business person and a well-rounded marketing and business guy, i have added more experience in my 7 years of work. I share my mistakes and learning with start-up as advisor, because i have passed through the entrepreneurial journey once and i feel this is the best way to contribute to their success.

I'm interested in mobile apps and SaaS. I have an interesting idea around mobile based digital life management solution and many others, but i am also open to joining someone who has a good idea, not necessarily in mobile. Most important is finding someone i can trust and is willing to navigate uncertainty with me. Also prefer someone who has good design sensibility in other words who get inspired by design led thinking.


Believe things will happen. - Self