Bharat Biswal

Bhubaneswar, India

Solutions Architect - Cryptos, Blockchains, Smart Contracts, Tokens, DApps, Apps
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About Bharat

• 17+ years of experience in web and mobile apps– iOS, Android, Xamarin, AngularJS, Ionic, React/Redux, Firebase, AWS, Blockchains, Bitcoin, Hyperledger, Ethereum, ERC20, ICO, Graphene
• Significant expertise in iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Mac and UNIX platforms
• M.S. and B.S degrees in Electronics and Computer Science
• Crypto Technology – Graphene, BitShare, BitCoin, CoinShare, GoEthereum, Hyperledger, ERC20, SmartContract, ICO, ECC, Crowdsale
• Mobile Technology – IoT, Arduino, Beacons, RFID, GPS, BluetoothLE, Virtual Sensors, Infrared, SmartWatch, Maps, LBS, Compass, Accelerometer, Camera, Multimedia, Animation, Graphics, SMS, 3G, WiFi, OpenCV
• Proven ability to interface with customers, understand requirements, translate them to engineering architecture, execute and deliver on requirements
• Technical skills include C, C++, Java, Objective-C, Swift, JS, PHP, Solidity, OOAD, Design Patterns.
• Hardware – Arduino, UBlox GSM/CDMA, UBlox GPS, ARM Cortex-M3, TI CC2540 (Bluetooth), TI CC2541 (Bluetooth)
• Embedded Development – MBED.ORG, IAR-EW, FreeRTOS
• Software Architecture – Design Patterns, UML, OOPs,
• Project Management – Agile, SCRUM, Jira, Confluence, GitHub, BitBucket, SVN
• Security – Elliptic Curves, SSL, TLS, IPSec, HTTPS, RSA, AES, DES, PKCS, MD5
• Web Technology: JQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS, WebKit, Struts, Django, JSON, XML
• Database: MySQL, MongoDB, Neo4J, SQLite, CoreData
• Frameworks - Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Skyhook, Google Analytics, iAds, AdMob, etc.
• Multimedia: DRM, Copyright, OpenCV, RTSP, RTMP, HLS, XMPP.
• In mobile applications space I have architected and developed:
• Beacons based shopping and home automation solutions
• SteamVR, OpenVR and OpenCV based Augmented Virtual Reality apps for advertising and healthcare
• BluetoothLE based Healthcare applications
• XMPP WebSocket WebRTC based multimedia Chat platforms
• Mobile advertising solutions for MobileTV on multicast platforms like DVB-H, WiFi, 3G
• Maps, GPS and Compass based navigation applications
• Media publishing and Blogging applications using Camera, Microphone and Geo-tagging
• Mobile Payment software based on NFC, Encryption, Microsoft POS
• Utility applications like BarScanner, QR-Code reader, Character recognition, Image processing
• Customized animation and rich media effects using OpenGL, CSS-3.0
• Big Data based IoT applications
• Crypto Currency based Finance applications


My best work is yet to come! - Bharat Biswal

Work Experience



December 2011 - December 2016


Indian Institute of Science

Masters in Computer Science

1999 - 2001