Benjamin Grosof

Seattle, Washington, US

CTO, CEO, Co-Founder at Coherent Knowledge Systems

About Benjamin

Industry leader in knowledge representation, reasoning, and acquisition, esp.: rules, logical methods in natural language processing, semantic technology/web, and machine learning. Pioneer of key research techniques and their industry standardization. Experience as manager of a major research program (at Vulcan), MIT professor, and IBM research scientist. Developer of applications for a wide variety of domains and tasks. Background includes 5 major industry software releases, 3 years in software startups, a Stanford PhD, a Harvard BA, 2 patents, and over 60 refereed publications.

Current application interests include: natural language UI; education technology; policies, trust, contracts, compliance, and legal; financial services and regulations; search, ads, and e-commerce; defense and national intelligence; analytics and business intelligence; biomedical and health.

Work Experience

CTO, CEO, Co-Founder

Coherent Knowledge Systems

July 2013 - December 2016