Barron Caster

San Francisco, California, US

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About Barron

I am building products at to provide thousands of jobs to people around the world.

I built scalable solutions at the fastest growing enterprise SaaS company of all time - Zenefits - where I have learned what creates a stellar organization and have connections to incredibly smart people. I have previously worked at a VC firm and have top Venture Capitalists with huge wins (AirBNB,, SnapChat, Hubspot, etc) as friends and mentors. From these experiences, I know what it takes to have an amazing team and the best ways to win.

Having also built a consumer products company (21 Drops), I am looking to marry my operational skills with IT investing to build a rockstar technology company.

Work Experience

Product Manager - Growth

May 2016 - December 2016


University of Southern California

M.S. Mechanical Engineering

2012 - 2013


Reforge Growth Series