Andy Dent

Perth, Australia

Founder & CEO Touchgram, multi-platform developer 30+ years, 90's C++ dev tools publisher
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About Andy

Practising Chinese martial arts and coding for about the same 30+ years.

I have programmed most platforms, often deeply technical work such as writing 3D movie transforms for QuickTime, 3D CAD or working on database engines. I'm forever inventing things, usually as a "toolsmith" making tools that enable others. For a few years in the late 90's I was an international entrepreneur selling a range of C++ programming tools for easier database development including a report-writer, which I invented and did most of the coding. That was back in classic Windows and Mac days. At its height, the product ran on 19 different C++ compilers and was used in most countries in the Western world.

I also love snow skiing and scuba diving but they are rare indulgences involving travel (we have great diving nearby in Western Australia but my wife was an instructor for years and is bored by the local scenery). Since we moved near the beach I have a burning desire to learn kite-surfing but need a startup launched first!


Simplicity is the shortest distance between two points. - Bruce Lee

Work Experience

Xamarin SDK Developer


July 2015 - March 2017

Part of a 2-man team, expanded to 4 later, taking the Xamarin SDK for the Realm mobile database from a proof of concept to fully shipped v1.0. Tasks included low-level programming in C++ and C#, SDK design, writing documentation, sample code, user support and participation in overall product design. I left to work on my own startup, after we shipped v1.0 of the Realm Mobile Platform - the server component. Go look me up on Linked-in if you want the rest of the 30 years worth of assorted employers and projects working for myself ;-)

CEO and Founder

Touchgram Pty Ltd

July 2014 - Today

Mobile messaging startup with vastly richer messages incorporating a full gaming engine. Think more like a touch-driven Hypercard than just copying GIFs.


Curtin University of Technology


1983 - 1990


Founder Institute