Amir Yasin

Austin, Texas, US

Developer, Architect
Amir's Skills

About Amir

I've been writing software for many years and have written everything from embedded C code to web pages in industries as diverse as defense, finance, medical software, security, and education.

A few things I've done:

- Worked on wide body anti aircraft missile defense
- Developed and distributed a communication app that allows kids with disabilities to communicate
- Developed and distributed a SaaS offering for small to mid size machine shops to help them with quoting and job management
- Worked in Schwab's core services team to develop extremely fast data flow engines, as well as some algorithmic trading software
- Worked with a company to architect and develop a system capable of ingesting massive amounts of geospatial data and reporting on that data
- Developed a medical code scrubber and dictation assistant for Orthopedic surgeons. As part of this I created a new compression algorithm that was able to significantly reduce storage space requirements.

Work Experience



August 2003 - December 2016