Alexander Shetinin

Toronto, Canada

Alexander's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Alexander

I got lucky. I managed to invent and patent a technology coupled with a compelling business proposition. This becomes a focal point of 3 major industries at once.
The only missing piece of the puzzle is ..... Steve Jobs, an astute deal maker, a seasoned no-nonsense entrepreneur, a rainmaker, an inexorable impulse of energy, a restless team player who can build, lead and inspire a team.

If you are the one who think big (I mean really huge) and act fast, please join me today.

Lots of fun job is to be done, lots of money is there to be made. The job and the fortune are enough for everybody who's willing to commit.

I prefer to collaborate in person. So please locals from GTA unless you are willing to move to Toronto to make a fortune over the next 3 years. You have to have a Rolodex bigger than mine or being able to build one really quick.