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Greetings From Synergy Marketing Solution, I am Alexander Fattell, president of this fast growing start-up company in New York, NY.

Personally, I have always loved food and the memories made of family/friends sitting around the table and sharing a meal. By growing up in this technology driven world, I noticed that fast-casual/casual restaurant takeout/delivery dinning options replaced the homely sit-down family dinner. As I became more familiar with the restaurant business, I could sense their frustration of the consumer shift in demand for food/beverage online ordering.

Many restaurants do not have the technological skill to create and maintain their own online ordering service. As a result, they use one of our competitor's central ordering platforms such as GrubHub, EatStreet, etc. While the restaurants' customers are provided with a user experience that matches their need for simplistic online ordering, there are too many listed options to form any brand loyalty. Restaurants are charged high transaction rates between 10%-20% in exchange for being listed on a central ordering platform that offers poor brand recognition (brand-jacking) for each restaurant.

Synergy Marketing Solution is working on an online and mobile application project that works exclusively with restaurants to develop custom branded food/beverage ordering portals that are embedded within our central ordering platform and linked to each restaurant’s independent website provided with industry low per transaction rates. It is called

Instead of Synergy Marketing Solution acting as a generically designed central platform that just holds listed options, each selection on our main platform directs ordering customers to the restaurant's embedded ordering portal using custom designs. These individual portal designs that we produce emphasize each business’s brand in order to increase their individualized bran equity and gain repeat sales. We believe gaining units of bran loyalty is more valuable than having a vast customer reach with minimal brand recognition. While we strengthen restaurant brands through custom designs and marketing campaigns, it costs below 3% per transaction. Even with out subscription fee, our industry low rates make us the online ordering low-cost provider.

With this subscription package, our company creates an opportunity for restaurants to provide online ordering to customers without devaluing individual brands at high costs. Thus, creating independent order growth/profit for each restaurant's website. As we need to complete the design and development of our central ordering platform and restaurant ordering portals, we are currently searching for a full-stack developer to become a Cofounder/CTO of the company in exchange for a 15%-30% equity stake.


Ithaca College

B.S. Business Administration

2015 - 2015


Bloomberg Essentials Training Program: Equity Essentials

Microsoft Office Excel Specialist

Thomson Reuters Eikon - Version 4