Alex Rendon


Houston, Texas, US

Conversion Junkie
Alex's Skills
Course Development
Lead Generation
Online Contests
Referral Marketing
Google AdWords
Facebook Ads Manager
Webinar Development
Email Marketing
A/B Testing
Creative Content
Email List Building
Funnel Optimization

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About Alex

I have 12+ years working for several marketing agencies in the Austin area. I've managed FB ads, I create membership sites, I create my own sales funnels and never stop split testing. I build email list fast using contests and giveaways for all my pre-launches and reach out to influencers for every pre-launch. I currently utilize a full stack of marketing subscription automation services for my own marketing efforts.

I'm looking for a technical cofounder that can put in 5 hrs per week minimum to start during software development phase. Reason only 5 hr per week is because the software is 90% done. I just need add some updates before monetizing. Advertising campaign is funded by me. I'm willing to share generous equity post launch for continued support and updates.

I'm hoping to find a developer who will continue to grow the solution together with me. Usually meet up once per week for 1 hour.

The main problem I see right now are quick software launches from programmers who team up with marketers who reach out to big name affiliates to hype up these quick launches. They make their 6 figures, then stop updating the software internally and then on to the next big hyped up solution.

Seen this way to many times. It's a not a sustainable business model and I want no part of that.


"Always be testing." - Weird Dude