Alex Horoshkevich

London, United Kingdom

CEO at / Looking for co-founder CTO
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In the current moment I'm looking for CTO to develop Holiday Builder based on AI (already verified idea).

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Why am I doing business in travel?

My first visit to Maldives was back in 2015. Once I came back home, I’ve started a blog about budget holidays in Maldives. At that time there was very little information about budget traveling, so there was an opportunity.

Because of that blog I've been invited to Maldives to work in a local travel agency in Mar 2016. During that time, I’ve got personal connections, visited a lot of islands/hotels, and started to understand the local way of doing business.

In 2017 I started an online travel agency to Maldives, but I was focusing only on budget traveling.

In 2018 I’ve added resorts, liveaboards and private yachts to the travel product.

In 2019 I’ve made a rebrand and website new design to let clients create their own package to budget hotels in Maldives.

Work Experience


May 2017 - December 2016 - Holidays Builder to Maldives. We’re solving the biggest traveler problem: “where can I go if I have $$$” and I want to do 1,2,3 (scuba diving, honeymoon experience, etc,)? Now they can build their own holiday based on the entire budget and special requests (accommodation type, activities, etc.) or select pre-built holiday generated by our system. Since May 2017 we’ve got $US 100K, 500-600 daily visits with 5-10 requests per day with zero marketing spend revenue without marketing costs.

Travel Agent

Hey Maldive Pvt. Ltd

March 2016 - May 2017

Local travel agency in Maldives