Albin Bajramovic

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Albin's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Albin

I have been called a radical objectivist, a hopeless optimist, a friendly confrontationist, and a science and technology enthusiast...and I never objected! :)
I don't think in terms of ifs, but hows. I am not afraid to try anything as long as its ethical.
After 12 years of technology consulting, and very limited development experience, I am fully committing to entrepreneurship.
I have developed a fair amount of connections in Atlanta’s entrepreneurship community, especially in my target industry.
I have decent access to investors and have turned money down. (crazy I know)
I am looking for an enthusiastic developer with front and back end experience (Ruby on Rails) who is willing to join an existing team of greatly committed individuals.
If you are interested we should definitely talk!