Albert Daci

New York, New York, US

Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated.
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About Albert

I am an entrepreneur with skills in FrontEnd Development and a Visual Designer for the print and virtual/web mediums. I currently am working on bringing two products in market. I am seeking back-end developers to partner up with me to bring these prototypes as fully functional products into market.

The skills I bring to the table are: Expertise on Web, Mobile and Native App Design, Application Architecture Expertise, User Experience Design, Front-End and User Experience Interface Development, Experienced Developer in HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery and knowledgeable of many apis for different use cases.

Visit my portfolio at for more info about my work.

Although here is what I offer for any individual who is business oriented and wants to make ideas a reality. I am open to partner up to make things happen.

Project Management - Agile Method
Data Management and Analysis
Website Development - Wordpress or 3rd party Apps or Responsive Front End Development (HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript (Jquery))
Social Media Marketing
Lastly, All Graphic Design and App Design Services.

Let me know and we can discuss further on how we can move forward with a project


Great design, fits with its environment naturally, without any awareness that is there. - Albert Daci