Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Creative Director, Cinematographer, Visual Artist , cultural activist
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A CREATOR OF IMAGES from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines who uses art to share the beauty and contradictions of the Caribbean. He is a young man dedicated to the development of Caribbean cinema, trained in visual arts, graphic design and
audiovisual production. Since 2011 he began to work as Director of Photography for Film Fiction, Documentary and Advertising.He studied Cinema (CINEMATOGRAPHY) at the International School of Cinema and TV EICTV, CUBA. He has worked on projects in St.Vincent and the Grenades,Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, London, Canada and Ghana, among them the feature film Docu-
Fiction: HERO, 2016-74 min Dir. Frances Anne Solomon.

Akley has represented St. Vincent in the Youth-IN Visions initiative, a part of the UNDP project that highlights the stories and lives of 30 young people from the Caribbean who are working through diverse fields and interests to shape and change the dynamics of their communities. He partnered with the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cinematographic Production Collective and created workshops that introduced young Vincentians to the basic theory and practice of filmmaking. He also made his debut as a public speaker at the UNDP National SVG Youth Conference Series 2012, where he presented a notable case encouraging youth in art and culture; with ́his essay entitled ́ The Era of Self Expression. ́ On the island he has produced, directed, photographed and edited several music videos of local musicians, institutional documentaries and advertising under the name of IREBEL PICTURES. Akley is currently in the development process of his most ambitious dream, producing his first feature film “Hairouna, Land of the blessed". This film will tell the story about the relationship between the island and the exiled ancestral natives the Garifunas. ̈Hairouna ̈ will be the first feature film produced in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and directed by a Vincentian.


"The battle is at its height. Beat my war drums. Do not announce my death" - Yi Sun-sin