Ajit Gupta

Stockport, United Kingdom

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Business Development

About Ajit

Previous entrepreneurial experience includes: Whilst at Accenture, I identified a large gap in the UK Public Services Sector (security) that Accenture were not addressing and were beginning to gain a bad reputation for. I proactively helped Accenture address this by building a practice around it. This meant gaining internal stakeholder support, networking, building the necessary qualifications (I had no relevant experience at the beginning of this journey) , developing the learning materials for colleagues etc. In addition, I have previously had two start ups and am in the midst of getting a third going. The first was Positure whcih I started with a single friend to perform data cleansing for mid size organisations. We were successful at selling our services in to a number of organisations. Unfortunately as the company started getting real traction my colleague had a personal break down ending the business. The second was an Indian Wine Import company (more for fun at first). Again we gained traction with a number of restaurants however the business model we had adopted was not viable and there were quality issues with the product that we could not resolve easily with our supplier. We could not change the supply or business model without considerable investment which ended this business. Most recently in the process of starting another start up where we are seeking to produce a SaaS service targeted at Banks. We are still at the stage of pulling together the necessary team to make this viable. Also worth noting that I have previously run small projects whist at University to pay for round the world trips etc, sometimes in area where I had little to no knowledge. All of these ventures were successful (managed to build the right team around me, but did not have the vision to make these into fully fledged businesses at the time). I am most proud of two things recently - I surprised myself when I was the one who held my nerve and a potential business partner decided to take a job. Second one is overcoming my fear of programming after a 13 year gap and being pretty good.

Work Experience

Managing Director

Brighter Trades Limited

March 2014 - December 2016