A.D. Kataev

London, United Kingdom

A.D.'s Skills
Product Management

About A.D.

Hi! My name is Anatoly. I'm originally from Russia and i'm seeking for a co-founder for a B2B retail services venture.
(You can be located anywhere in the world as long as you are familiar with local retail principles.)

About me :)
- have 5 years of working as designer in own design studio.
- run a few very small businesses.
- understand how marketing an retail works.
- have insight of financial markets, economics, law and corporate finance.
- passionate about creating something big. perfectionist.

Co-founder must:
1) To think, imagine, bring ideas to life.
2) Have understanding of finance, retail and marketing.
3) Find, hire, engage and run people. Delegate

P.S. What i'm looking for is a person who has traits of a real entrepreneur. I don't care whether you have formal education (degree) or not, what counts is your passion and ability to organize, run and delegate. You have to think and act the way Rockefeller and Carnegie did.