A. Phil Philpot

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

A. Phil's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About A. Phil

College graduate with a Bachelors of science in business administration. Accomplished, seasoned, strategic business/marketing management leader with over 15 years experience building and aggressively motivating sales teams to generate consistent revenue and profit growth. I have been employed and trained by companies such as Disney, Comcast, Rent-A-Center and Clear channel Communications. Background includes business development and account management and developing in-depth marketing plans for minority and women-owned business providing sales leadership for publicly traded business(ie) Zip Cars, Boost Mobile, Walgreens, Ford/Mercury, Bank of America, All State, Coca Cola, Best Buy, TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network and soft Sheen Carson. Consistently successful in identifying and capitalizing on market opportunities to build brand recognition, drive revenue growth, expand market penetration and win dominant market share for the enterprise. Exceptional analytical, organization and leadership skills. Highly effective in developing direct customer relationships.
Absalom, was born and raised in Philadelphia, has Bachelors in Science in Business Administration with a concentrate in marketing. he is a published author, his work has appeared in hustler magazine, HBO's real sex the Punany Poet’s “Verbal Penetration”, various magazines and newspapers across the country. since then, Absalom is the owner of TIGHTWRITERS PUBLISHING LLC a publishing company He has been performing for years with the Punany poets, Zane and the national black authors tour selling over. Jill Scott, Kindred, Jaquar, Flowetry, Black Ice and many more.
Absalom has also handled marketing, promotions and book tour stops for Teri Woods publishing, Q-boro books, black pearl books, the Punany Poets and Zane with Strebor Publishing