Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Software Development
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I am a full stack developer with 10+ years of experience in SaaS applications. I created this profile because I had a few ideas and wanted to look for a business partner to found a startup with. I met a few people and tried to work with some of them. Unfortunately, I couldn't work with any of the people I met. They either treated me like a developer who was willing to work for free, not a cofounder; failed to see my vision and tried to steer me into a different area that I didn't want to get in; boasted about the billion dollar potential of their idea while they hadn't a clue about the UAE market or at lease some common sense; and finally their actions were the opposite of their words. One day, at 3am after working 20 hours with only a couple of hours of rest and being exhausted, I called this co-founder that I was working with and said I could only deliver 90% of the MVP on our scheduled delivery date. He screamed at me and said how important the deadline was and a whole lot of other reasons why I must deliver by the morning. That was 3am and I was about to collapse. This was the person who told me he was kind and compassionate. At that point, I realised that I had enough of this whole looking for a co-founder. I realised it would be much much better to start a business on my own. I will meet the right business partner one day while I carry on my own business. I really should delete this profile. I just thought I might as well write something here for the sake of it. Hope you find it entertaining!