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Who are the players - investors, incubators, communities - in the EdTech space?

Gabriel Cornejo

September 8th, 2015

I am going to be making a move from AZ to CA to continue to build on the success I have been having with my start up MyBeeble(R). I am attempting to unite the student population to turn a book marketplace that favors the sellers (publishers) into a buyers market (students) using a Priceline meets Linkedin platform.

With that said, I've got traction and would like to continue to build on the progress. Looking to raise capital and build a team, so I am asking which are the best communities in the EdTech space? The investors? Incubators?

Deborah Chang

September 9th, 2015

The network organizations* I recommend you looking into in the Bay Area are:

Edsurge (www.edsurge.com) - Best news site for the latest developments in education technology and since they're in media, they know everybody.
SF Edtech Meetup (http://www.meetup.com/sfedtech/) - Hosted by EdSurge and a good place to meet people face-to-face. 
Startup Weekend EDU (now part of 4.0 Schools) (http://4pt0.org/programs/startup-weekend-education/) - One team member is out in the Bay Area, John Baldo in Oakland. A ton of people who get started in the space go through a Startup Weekend EDU, and the best mentors in the space are also in that network.
Imagine K12 (http://www.imaginek12.com/) - Best in class early stage edtech accelerator. They occasionally host events that are open to the public and a great place to mingle.
Kapor Capital (http://www.kaporcapital.com/) - One of the most active investors in education technology. They're probably a later stage contact for you. Do some more research before reaching out to them.

You can begin your research and networking there.

*Network organizations are those that are in the business of knowing everyone. For network organizations in NYC, for example, look at the Getting Started Guide at #NYCEDU (www.nycedu.us/gettingstarted).

Jacob Johnson Artist and Creative Product Designer

September 8th, 2015

Gabriel I've been in your same exact situation. Moving from Gilbert Arizona to the Bay Area in search of an ED Tech revolution. We should chat more.

Edit: It seems like my reply got truncated when I replied with gmail. Below is my original reply.

...On to the main topic.

There really isn't a "best" in ed tech, just a "who is doing more" kind of thing. I would recommend looking into Y combinator, Studio 9 Plus Incubator, Co.lab from Zynga ( which I have been apart of ) and Venture Schools.

The geographical space that is hot right now also depends on what ed tech subspace you're interested in. Games, I'd go with the Bay Area, while animation or film I would lean towards Glendale CA which is pretty much LA. If you're in to the books or publishing partners then I can imagine the space would be largely east coast - thinking NY, Chicago.

Satya Y CEO at LemonBridge IT Solutions

September 9th, 2015

Jacob, me also in the search of EDTech revolution to build a marketplace.

Jacob Johnson Artist and Creative Product Designer

September 9th, 2015

I've updated my original reply, see above.