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Which criteria would you focus on to analyse in which country launching your messaging app?

roxane julien Head of Growth, ethic in web, collaborative communication tools, better web

April 24th, 2017

Newmanity is an app coming soon which innovates by proposing a mix of emailing, cloud and chat, all in one. We don't know yet where exactly in Europe and in America starting the internationalisation. Any criteria that you recommand we need to focus on? B2B and B2C need to be analysed separately or not. Thanks

Sam Fulzele Co-founder, Business developer & Management Strategist

April 25th, 2017

Any launching should include following factors:

TARGET MARKET - who can decide this better than you?

COMPETITORS - who & how many are out there? What are their strength & weaknesses?

ENTRY BARRIERS - this might be culture, language, legals, etc.

MARKETING COST - cost comperison in between preffered market would be good for future cashflow

Dane Madsen Organizational and Operational Strategy Consultant

April 25th, 2017

Get the app in the market. Uptake will define where you go. Atlassian started a free product and when they saw it being adopted by many people in the same company then went to the company and sold an enterprise package. You may see a B2B or a B2C adoption you did not anticipate. You need to create clear awareness to why this is useful.

Marius Kurgonas Visionary entrepreneur

April 24th, 2017

Hi Roxane,

First of all if i understand it right - the app proposes communication method between individuals depending on some criteria, so if at the time it makes more sense to send an email instead of a chat?

If so, you should first think which market you are primarily aiming for. Is it B2B that is your primary target and B2C secondary or vice versa?

Secondly knowing the answer to that question, it will make much easier to see the global markets, and messaging apps in particular, that dominate them. For example, launching a chat based messaging app in China currently would be hard, because of dominating apps such like QQ and Wechat, but if your app targets different audience, or adds different features to that - could have a market for it.

To sum up - there is no easy answer to this question as many factors needs to be considered before even attempting to answer it and only you hold the answers to them, and to your own question. Research :)