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Which are the best cases of an app going international? the top 10 most impressive stories. I need study cases!

roxane julien Head of Growth, ethic in web, collaborative communication tools, better web

May 9th, 2017

which start up succeed to launch international?

Muhammad Zohaib Co-Founder @MangoStack | Product Management | Looking for Business Developers

May 10th, 2017

Every territory has its own dynamics, culture and customs, so the problem or solution cannot be generic in every place. But, if you talk about current era, the apps promoting sharing economy are most like have chance to go international. For example uber, airbnb etc.

Cassi Kjun Jiyong App promotion, app install, review and rating provider.

Last updated on November 28th, 2018

If you want to your app get international, the first thing you should do is localizing your app - Before you submit your app to non-English speaking countries, what you should do firstly is localizing your app to attain maximum exposure. Because most people prefer to find and install apps in their native language.

When you localize your app, what you should remember is that app localization is not a translation of an app, translation being a small part of the entire process. It’s about language, culture and other geographic references. There are many aspects that need to be considered like: legal requirements, currency, numeric, date and time formats, icons, symbols, colors, graphics or ideas that in a culture can be misinterpreted.

Besides localizing apps, if you want to get lots of downloads, the other important thing you should do is boost app ranking in the app stores, because

over 65% users discover new apps by browsing or searching in the app stores, and most of the just browsing the top 10 apps. About boost app ranking, buy app installs is a good way, which can boost app ranking in hours, highly recommend.

What you should know it that the performance of your app in one region can influence its ranking in another region, so you should banlace the promotion of each app.