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Which agency is best to promote my Web & Mobile App Design/Development agency in the U.S?

Owais Afaq

September 3rd, 2015

I have spent the initial years of my Company based on sales through PR and crowd-sourcing websites. But now, as I've recently hired a very capable and experienced Head of Production along with 15 other expert level resources to expand the Company's operations, I would like to penetrate the U.S market aggressively. How do you get in touch with the best agencies that can help with this?

Anna Kennedy Vistage Chair at Vistage Worldwide, Inc.

September 3rd, 2015

Owais, your success in making inroads into the US market depends on your readiness.  A lot of firms overseas see the US as the goose that's about to lay the golden egg for them. It's actually a very tough and aggressive market and competition is fierce. Very few overseas companies make it without guidance. So to do well, you have to be well prepared. My firm does the readiness piece and we have other agencies we partner with that can then forge into the US market with you.

Alex Romanovich CMO, Digital Media Leader, Founder, Social2B; co-Founder, Viosk

September 3rd, 2015

Thanks - would love to assist. Thanks, Alex

Brian Rowe Programmatic Platform Account Lead @ Centro | MarTech | Entertainment | Mobile Media | AdTech Marketing | Entrepreneur

September 3rd, 2015 hands-down. I represent the CentroDSP and I've never seen such a DSP that can knock out CPMs at scale across mobile/desktop/retargeting/social/video with access to all premium exchanges and publishers.

Kristin Tynski SVP Product Development at Sapio

September 3rd, 2015

Owais,  What are your goals? User acquisition I assume?  

You need a clear path for this, and like everyone said, it is competitive in the US.

I see two potential paths:

1. Paid acquisition (display, retargeting, Facebook/Social ads, adwords)
- This will be costly, but results are immediate. It may be possible to create positive ROI if the long-term value of each of your customers is relatively high. 

2. Inbound acquisition:
   - Organic search traffic
   - Content Marketing/Thought Leadership
   - PR
The most sustainable long-term strategy is to look to create exceptional content, and then leverage that content through high-level digital PR/Promotions to make sure it gets seen. Not only will this create an inbound lead flow based on the people who read your content (both on your site and wherever you can get it picked up), but it will also incrementally improve your organic search rankings, leading to sustained organic lead-flow. 

In my opinion, this is the ONLY long-term viable solution, unless you are able to use paid channels with Positive ROI (only really possible in new Niches with low competition and very high lifetime customer values). 

My company specializes in the type of content marketing I mentioned, and we are among the best in the industry at it. If you are serious about exploring this tact, we can definitely help. 

Owais Afaq

September 4th, 2015

@Kristin @Rob: My FD bio is about a CMS that I've developed but the topic of discussion here is "Web & Mobile App Design/Development services".

Understanding from the responses and a few articles that I've been reading, the first thing I need to cater to is "selecting a niche" and then focus on creating the strategy to reach and sell to that target market.

I agree with @Rob that for the SaaS product, content-marketing is the way to go, but for a servicing company it is rather hard to grab attention specially when you don't have your foot on the ground in U.S.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe I'll have to go with this approach at first:
- Select niche
- Placement of the Brand with Content Marketing/Thought Leadership
- Improve Domain/Site Authority
- Try to get my "Boots on the Ground"

There are two questions on my mind though:
1. Which niche is best to start with in U.S / Europe (how to research on that).
2. How to reach people who need my services (Web and Mobile design / dev) instead of waiting for them to reach me.

Owais Afaq

September 3rd, 2015

I already have a few clients in Europe and if there's a good opportunity/strategy to dive into the market, I'll definitely look into it.

Right now, for me, Business Development and Marketing overseas is the most challenging part of expansion as I've already tackled everything else in the past years.

Aleksandr Yarmolatii Experienced in Motion Graphics, Design, Video Production and Automation

September 3rd, 2015

My friend Alex R is founder of Social2b and Story2b. He has great experience in marketing and good prices.

Brad Craig Managment Consultant Vuzix

September 3rd, 2015

Hi Owais: It's awesome that you've grown the company and are ready to tackle the USA and Canadian market. Are you also ready to tackle Europe as well?

Rob G

September 3rd, 2015

@ Owais;  can you give us some details on what you are selling and to whom?  Your FD profile seems to indicate a CMS, but we don't know that. 

@ Kristin; your strategy seems reasonable IF we assume a marketing only approach AND no 'boots on the ground'.  If, for example, he wants to sell enterprise software or services or SaaS to food manufacturers (just an example) then i would submit that a marketing only approach is not the only viable solution and in fact not the optimal solution - optimal would be some combination of digital marketing and feet on the street.  Your marketing-only approach should get him traffic and leads, but then he still has to sell his product/service and execute on what he sells (could be implementation, consulting, on-boarding, contract negotiations, etc.) He simply won't be successful selling into the enterprise with a marketing-only approach.  If he's selling a CMS application to consumers or small business then yes, a marketing only approach is likely the best and perhaps only approach with a reasonable profit potential.  

John Hennessy Business Coach at Rhapsody Strategies Inc.

September 3rd, 2015

I'm not sure you need an agency to help you in the US. I would use a two-pronged approach; use any and all resources that the Canadian Government has to promote you business. Then you want to use all Social and Digital Media channels properly with a strategic plan on who and how to target them. Contact me if you want more perspectives. Please excuse the brevity and typos as I am likely using a mobile device